Backpack Mission


John Lucas, Chair

The United Methodist Men have now taken on a new challenge this summer and we are looking for the same great support you have show our men in the past. We have purchased two cases of Backpacks  (100 total) that we would like to fill with school supplies and deliver to Southwest Elementary, a school whose children are at the poverty level and in need.   I will be supplying sample list of the supplies we need and we will have the shopping cart in the Narthex setup with an example of what we are hoping to do.  We have less than four weeks to complete this mission!  If you would like to contribute money – we will be glad to do the shopping!!



*  two boxes of  8 count crayons

*  two glue sticks

*  two composition books

*   one pencil box

*  one set of 3.5mm ear buds for computer use

GIRLS - One box of quart size freezer bags (preferably with slider zip)

GIRLS - One bottle  of hand sanitizer

* BOYS - One box 9fl:issues

BOYS - One  bottle of liquid hand soap


First Grade

* One dozen #2 pencils

* Small pencil box

*  two glue sticks

*  one box of 16 count crayons

*  3 plain folders with pockets and brads (one red, one blue, one green)

*  two composition books

*  one set of 3.5mm ear buds for computer use

* GIRLS -  one  bottle of hand sanitizer

*BOYS-one  box  of tissues



Other Items that would be  appreciated by Teachers

  •  Packs of Copy Paper
  • Pens ( Blue, Black, or Red)
  • Disinfecting Wipes
  • Ziploc Bags ( Gallon, Quart , or Pint)
  • Dry Erase Makers






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